Our Works and Accomplishments:

In keeping with its goals and mission, BNCA Washington implemented activities and registered successes in the areas of care to members, education, health, social, and support of disaster reliefs.


Welfare of Members:

  1. 1. Supported bereaved members.
  2. 2. Supported families of newborn members.
  3. 3. Recognized members with new academic attainment.
  4. 4. Organized annual wellness picnic (which included walking, blood pressure and general wellness education).
  5. 5. Organized annually, end of year parties.



  1. 1. Partnered with the Place of Hope, North Carolinas since 2008 to supply back to school materials and funds to school peoples in Bali through the Nkumu NFED NFED women group.   The partnership is ongoing.
  2. 2. Provided laboratory equipment to all Secondary and High Schools in Bali.
  3. 3. Provided scholarship to deserving primary school students in Bali.
  4. 4. Provided a desk top computer for the preservation and archiving of the Bali language alphabet.
  5. 5. Provided funding for road safety campaign in Bali.
  6. 6. Supported the Nkumu NFED NFED women with fund to procure educational material for the destitute and abandoned child.


Health Care:

  1. 1. Provided funding for a case study of HIV transmission from pregnant mothers to their new born babies in Bali.
  2. 2. Provided funding for a clean water project in Bali.



  1. 1. Gathered and donated household supplies to the needy.
  2. 2. Served at lunch counters of the homeless during holiday seasons.
  3. 3. Provided nonperishable food to homeless shelters.


Disaster Relief:

  1. 1. Provided fund in support of Katrina relief effort in New Orleans.
  2. 2. Provided fund in support of tsunami relief in Indonesia.
  3. 3. Provided fund in support of hurricane Maria relief effort.
  4. 4. Provided fund in support of Ebola crisis relief effort in West Africa




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