Highlights from the BNCA Monthly Meeting on February 24, 2024:

  1. Hosts and Special Treat: The meeting was hosted by Mami Agnes and Mami Ejang, who delighted the group with special delicacies from their home.
  2. Agenda Focus: Discussions centered on follow-ups from the January session and crucial decisions about the group’s activities for the year.
  3. New Members Announcement: The president announced the addition of four new members to the group since January 2024.
  4. Uniform Committee Update: The Uniform Committee Chair presented the purchased uniforms and proposed deciding on the stitching style.
  5. Event Planning: The group resolved to organize a uniform launch and an end-of-year party, along with traditional yearly events. A committee, led by the social secretary, was formed to plan these events.
  6. Funding Request for Water Supply Repairs: A funding request from Sons and Daughters of Mantum in Bali Nyonga for water supply repairs in Mant Village was submitted by the president and handed over to the project committee.
  7. Call for Proposals: The president encouraged members to submit project proposals that could be financed by the group.
  8. Cultural Celebration: The meeting concluded with feasting and a cultural display.

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